Liberal MPs campaign against king

Birgitta Ohlsson thinks Sweden should have a president and is leading the liberal charge to abolish the monarchy.

A group of Liberal Party MPs led by Ohlsson have proposed a motion to remove the king as head of state. The group argues that the current heriditary system is outdated, undemocratic and contrary to principals of equality.

In addition the group demands a series of changes until such time as the monarchy ceases to exist. For example, the king should no longer chair the Foreign Policy Committee and the role of head of state should fall to either the speaker or the prime minister on state visits.

The Liberal Party MPs write that it is entirely inappropriate for countries that have recently achieved democracy to encounter a non-elected king as Sweden’s foremost representative.

Social Democrats Veronica Palm and Hillevi Larsson also demand changes. They would like to see the National Audit Office granted more powers to examine the royals. They also call for an end to royal flag days, such as a crown princess’s name day or the queen’s birthday.

They have no probem however with the flag being hoisted on April 30, the king’s birthday. But only because it happens to coincided with Walpurgis Night.