Truck in fatal crash with school bus

One person has been killed and several injured after a school bus crashed with a truck in Dalarna, central Sweden, on Monday afternoon.

The crash happened in Grangärde, near Grängesberg, about 230 kilometres north-west of Stockholm, at about 2pm. Emergency services say the truck driver was killed in the crash. The bus was full of schoolchildren, but none of them was seriously injured.

“The children have done relatively well, but some of them are in shock,” said emergency service spokesman Hans-Åke Wickberg.

The crash happened on a bend around one kilometre outside Grängesberg, a town of nearly 4,000 people in the county of Dalarna. The road around the crash site is reported to have been icy.

“The children have been taken back to their school, Parkskolan in Grängesberg,” said Wickberf.