Street flooded in Gothenburg

A street in central Gothenburg was flooded early on Tuesday morning after a water main burst.

Stretches of Andra Långgatan were overflowing with water, and at least six properties were flooded.

“Tens of thousands of litres of water have leaked out,” said Dan Johansson, leading the emergency services’ operations at the scene.

Among the properties hit was an antiques shop and a restaurant. Cellars and courtyards were also flooded.

The pressure from the burst pipe was so great that the tarmac on the street broke. Emergency services installed a number of powerful pumps to take the water away. The pumps can handle 8,000 litres per minute.

The leak was discovered at 5am on Tuesday. By 6am mains water had been shut off in the area. Around 20 people from the emergency services were called in to pump away the water.