Woman gets bill for her own funeral

When Britt-Marie Tholin Hanaas received an envelope addressed to her estate, the very-much alive resident of Upplands Väsby, near Stockholm, thought that there must have been a mistake. She then found that the envelope contained a bill for her funeral wake at a nearby restaurant.

The bill, for 1,400 kronor for eight sandwich platters was sent by Solnadals Värdshus. It clearly stated on the invoice that the money was due for Britt-Marie Tholin’s wake, according to website Dina Pengar.

“It felt so terribly uncomfortable,” she told the website.

Ms Tholin called the restaurant, where staff questioned whether she was really called Britt-Marie Tholin:

“And I am,” she said, “but I’m not dead.”

The restaurant explained that the people who had been at the wake had left no address.

The restaurant called directory enquiries to get the address of the dead person, but had been given Ms Tholin’s number instead.

Ms Tholin told the restaurant that she had seen an obituary in the local paper for a person with a name very similar to hers, and asked whether the wake might have been for this other woman. The restaurant called back to directory inquiries and was given another address – but this also turned out to be wrong.

“They called and said they had received a bill, but had not had a wake,” said Iréne Diamant at Solnadals Värdshus.

“This is most unfortunate, but I’ve tried to do my best and never intended to cause anyone any harm,” she added.