Swedes want audio books for Christmas

All Swedes want for Christmas this year is audio books, a new survey claims. The news will come as a relief to the wallets of Christmas shoppers – top Christmas presents in previous years have included flat-screen televisions.

An estimated two million Swedes listening to audio recordings of books. Swedish Research Institute of Trade, HUI, claims that listening to audio books is a modern way of consuming literature.

HUI has tried to forecast what the Christmas present of the year will be every year now since 1988, with varied success. All forecasts are based on three criteria: It should be a new product or have aroused considerable interest among consumers during the past year, it should have a high market value and should be modern.

The institute has also forecasted that pre-Christmas sales will increase by 7.6% compared with the same period last year. A total of 52 billion kronor will be spent. This number includes sales at Apoteket and Systembolaget and it is the highest since 1999.

Last year, HUI forecast that the top Christmas present would be the poker set. The year before, it claimed it would be the flat-screen TV. In 1988, the first year a forecast was made, the present of the year was a baking machine. Other presents that have topped the list are: books, mobile phones, electronic pets, CDs, woks and cookbooks.