Man tried to take gun into football match

A 27-year old man was arrested at Stockholm's Råsunda stadium on Sunday after he tried to enter carrying a nine-millimetre calibre gun.

The man was trying to enter ahead of the Royal League football match between AIK and the Norwegian team Vålerengen on Sunday afternoon. He tried to enter the stadium, in Solna, north Stockholm, with a nine-millimetre calibre weapon and nine cartridges in a plastic bag.

The gun was discovered when the man, from Linköping, was stopped by guards at the entrance. An undisclosed quantity of hash was also found on him at the time of the arrest.

“We are not sure what he was planning to do with the weapon or if he even remembered he had it in the bag,” said Kjell Hellström, officer on duty at Västerort’s police to

The weapon was made of a metal pipe, constructed just like a bicycle air pump that is loaded with something described as machine-gun like ammunition. A forensic test will determine if shooting with the weapon was even possible.

“We cannot prove what his intentions were. He states that he had found the gun and forgot that he had it in the bag,” said Hellström to Sveriges Nyheter.