Triple murderer arrested in Helsinki

Convicted triple murderer Juha Valjakkala was arrested on Thursday evening at an apartment in Helsinki. A woman was also present in the apartment at the time. According to police, the fugitive killer did not resist arrest.

“They didn’t want to open the door so we forced our way in. But then the arrest was calm. Valjakkala was not subjected to any violence,” said police commissioner Kari Jalonen.

The commissioner added that Valjakkala is currently in police custody in Helsinki until the Finnish criminal authorities reassume responsibility and take him to a more suitable prison.

Jalonen further commented that he did not know what relation the woman had to the killer. The woman, who is in her forties, was released after questioning.

Valjakkala received a life sentence after shooting and killing three members of the same family in northern Sweden in 1988. Despite the brutal nature of his crimes the Finnish Supreme Court recently judged that the killer was eligible for a pardon.

But Valjakkala’s escape from a low security prison at Hamina in Finland on Monday came as his application for a pardon was being considered by President Tarja Halonen.

Finnish police have not revealed how they traced Valjakkala to the Helsinki apartment.