18 year old attacks police station

What began as a mild case of damaging public property ended with stones thrown at police, a wild car chase and a violent crash.

Sunday morning was unusually dramatic for police at the station in Uppsala.

An 18 year old decided to take revenge on the police after he and a friend were arrested for kicking cars in the town. After being released he arrived home – and then decided to go straight back to the police station in central Uppsala.

He threw three stones at the entrance, smashing the windows. But police hardly had time to notice they were under attack before the youth escaped in his father’s car.

A few kilometres down the road, the 18 year old noticed a police car and drove straight through a red light at a major crossroads. He collided with a car in which four people were travelling.

An elderly woman was trapped in the second car after the violent collision. She was taken to the Academic Hospital in Uppsala with mild injuries.

The defiant 18 year old tried to escape from the scene of the accident but was at last arrested by police. He is now facing charges for a series of crimes: drunk driving, hit and run, damage to public property and driving without due care and attention.

“The boy is in custody and will be questioned during the day. These are crimes which could lead to a jail sentence,” said Magnus Rova at Uppsala police to TT.