Union furious over salad bar mafia slur

Sweden's Hotel and Restaurant Union is demanding an apology from the government after the latest round of mudslinging over the blockade of a salad bar in Gothenburg.

The row began on Tuesday when the owner of Wild’n Fresh decided against signing up to a collective bargaining agreement, arguing that she only had one part time employee who was perfectly happy. In response, the union sent people to stand outside the restaurant in protest.

The union’s actions were described as “mafia methods” by Centre Party member of parliament Fredick Federley.

“Now the situation is really escalating. Our union chairman is demanding an apology from Fredrik Reinfeldt and Maud Olofsson,” said Daniel Färm, head of communication at the union, to TT.

“The fundamental union rules are being threatened. This is at least as important as Vaxholm,” he went on, referring to the blockade of a construction project by building union Byggnads, after Latvian workers were brought in at a lower rate.

“Either you stand up for the Swedish model which they did in the end in the Vaxholm conflict, or you’re giving support to your party colleagues who say that our legal, calm and completely peaceful union work is unacceptable mafia methods.”

Färm said he wanted to see the prime minister and trade minister distance themselves from Fredrick Federley’s comments as well as issue an apology.