Breast revelation “no big deal”, says teacher

The teacher who revealed her breasts to a surprised student wishes she had shown more restraint but does not think it is worth getting too upset about.

“This is not something one should get too hooked up on. Fifty per cent of the population look like this. And I have said I’m sorry,” the teacher told Expressen.

By means of demonstration she pulled up her top and showed her breasts to Expressen’s photographer.

The 46-year-old teacher told police that it was not the first time the boy had seen her breasts, since she sunbathes topless on a public beach every summer.

The boy in question reported the incident one year after his teacher had pulled up her t-shirt.

The woman suffers from a chronic illness and claims to have been in a very poor psychological state at the time.

She was prosecuted at Skellefteå district court yesterday but is not expected to face a prison sentence for the incident.

“My understanding is that it was not a criminal offence. If you think of a flasher, then it usually ends up being a fine. This is a similar situation,” district prosecutor Inga-Lis Adervall Åström told Expressen.

The newspaper also reports that the boy has sought 15,000 kronor in compensation for “psychological suffering”.