Historic building saved from fire

Firefighters in Stockholm say they have saved one of Stockholm's oldest buildings after a serious blaze broke out in its upper floors.

One person was treated for the effects of smoke inhalation and a policeman was hit by falling masonry following the fire at a building in the Old Town (Gamla Stan), which started on Tuesday morning. Emergency services say both suffered minor injuries.

Flames and smoke from the fire were visible from much of the city. One apartment in the building was entirely burnt out and the attic was badly damaged. But the fire service says that the rest of the building did not sustain serious damage.

Three hours after the alarm was raised the flames had been doused, but firefighters said they were still seeking out burning embers.

The building, parts of which date from 1645, is one of the oldest in Stockholm. It has at different times been owned by Queen Kristina and Carl Piper, Karl XII’s chief minister.

“It is one of the most important properties from Sweden’s great power era,” said the building’s owner, Johan af Petersens. He said that most of the building was occupied by offices, but added that there were also six rental apartments and a restaurant.

Road and rail traffic over Munkbron bridge was stopped to allow firefighters access to the building, causing severe delays in public transport on Tuesday morning.