Fuglesang ends spacewalk in Swedish

Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang ended his spacewalk from the International Space Station at just before 4am Swedish time on Wednesday by sending a message to earth in Swedish:

“Det är nog inte alla som förstår svenska…de senaste fyra dagarna har varit helt otroliga. Jag vill tacka alla som hjälpt och stöttat.” (“I suppose not everyone understands Swedish…the past four days have been quite incredible. I would like to thank all those who have helped and supported [me]”).

Fuglesang is the first Swede in space, and Louise Sjöstrand at the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) confirmed that the words were the first spoken in Swedish outside the earth’s atmosphere.

“Yes, it’s the first time such a beautiful sound has been heard in space,” she said, adding that everyone at SNSB was “very excited” about the Fuglesang mission.

The astronaut himself said he hoped he would be the first of many Swedish spacemen:

“I hope that others will follow me and also come up here, helping eventually to build the moon base,” he said.

“I have one more spacewalk to look forward to,” he concluded. Ground control then continued the Swedish theme by congratulating all this year’s Nobel prizewinners, particularly John Mather, who works at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre.