Residents of Fjuckby demand new name

Having stoically accepted years of relentless badgering, the people of Fjuckby have finally had enough. The villagers are crossing their fingers that the National Heritage Board will see it their way and grant them a new name.

One of the main sticking points of course is that globalisation has led to rude English-language associations that the villagers could do without.

But there is a double misfortune, in that the Swedish word ‘juck’ embedded in the place name essentially means the same thing as Fjuckby’s English component.

A delegation from the village explains its predicament in a heartfelt letter to the authorities.

“There should not be any doubt at all that, as a result of relatively new associations, the pronunciation and spelling of the place name ‘Fjuckby’, today arouses ridicule, teasing and hilarity in the general public,” wrote inhabitant Katriina Flensburg on behalf of her fellow villagers.

“This regrettable fact engenders feelings of weariness, embarrassment and conditioned shame among villagers, who are often forced against their will to take a tiresome ‘defensive stance’ with regard to the name of their home town,” the letter continued.

Adding that the name Fjuckby makes it difficult to sell property or run a successful business, the villagers have called for an immediate name change.

The delegation requests that the name Fjukeby be reinstated. Until as late as the 1930s this was the accepted spelling .

If Fjuckby gets its way it is conceivable that Anusviken, Arslet and Dicken may be next in line for a swift reversal of misfortune.