Justice minister backs controversial Chancellor of Justice

Beatrice Ask is to meet Göran Lambertz in the new year to discuss the justice report he presented before Christmas. She also plans to discuss the recent wave of criticism that has been directed at him.

“It is absolutely impossible to avoid taking up the ongoing discussion, but I don’t particularly feel a dying need to take it up.

“The important thing for me is the paper he has presented and the issues he has taken up,” said Ask, adding that she has full confidence in the Chancellor of Justice.

Thomas Bodström feels it is time for Ask to stop “sticking her head in the sand”.

“It is not possible to just pretend that everything is fine and that one can have confidence in both the Chancellor of Justice and the judicial system.

“If you have full confidence in the Chancellor of Justice then you share the criticism being directed at all other parts of the judicial system,” said Bodström.

But Lambertz rejects Bodström’s criticism. In a column in Thursday’s Svenska Dagbladet, Lambertz contends that Bodström does not fully understand the role of the Chancellor of Justice.

Speaking to news agency TT, Bodström replied that he is not critical of Lambertz for his supervisory role vis à vis the judicial system. the former justice minister is however critical of “sweeping comments” made by Lambertz, which he regards as a step backwards for the justice system.

“A situation has arise which is entirely unique, in that we have a Chancellor of Justice who is in conflict with the police, judges and professor. On top of all that he is also chairman of the parliamentary justice committee,” said Bodström.

Beatrice Ask’s predecessor feels that the justice minister must now act to resolve the situation.