Snowmobile drivers furious as tourists break the ice

Tourists are attracted to the town of Piteå by the promise of travelling out into the Baltic on ice-breaking ships and watching them plough through thick banks of ice.

But out at sea it is all clear this year, and the ice-breakers will instead remain inside the belt of the skerries.

The town’s snowmobile drivers are not happy about this latest consequence of the warm winter.

In order to compensate for the ice-free sea, tourist company Pite Havsbad has promised its guests trips out to Piteå Archipelago on the ice-breaker Arctic Explorer.

Plans to break the ice inside the archipelago for the sake of tourism have made the snowmobile fraternity’s blood boil.

“Not even the slightest consultation has preceded this decision. Of course we’re upset.

“Without any discussion at all they are going to split a planned snowmobile track in two,” Roland Dahlquist, chairman of Piteå Snowmobile Club told Piteå-Tidningen.