Ice warning on Sweden’s roads

Drivers were being warned to watch out for black ice after freezing temperatures took motorists in central and southern Sweden by surprise on Tuesday morning.

Two road accidents occurred in quick succession on the Riksväg 70 road near Sala in Västmanland, west of Stockholm, at around 5.30 am. There were no reports of serious injuries.

Three accidents occurred within the space of an hour in Östergötland, south of the capital. At around 6am a truck left Riksväg 32 and rolled into a ditch after hitting an icy patch. A car slid off Riksväg 34, but passengers and the driver were not seriously injured.

Ambulances were later sent to the scene of an accident on Riksväg 36, to rescue passengers from a car that had run into a telegraph pole.

“It has been very slippery, which seems to have surprised many people,” a police spokesman told news agency TT.

Swedish meteorological office SMHI said that the eastern part of the Svealand region, and particularly the area around Stockholm, would experience slippery conditions throughout the morning.