Morocco confirms terror suspicions against Swede

Moroccan authorities have for the first time confirmed to Swedish authorities that they are holding a Swede on suspicion of terror-related offences.

The businessman, who is of Moroccan origin but who lived in Sweden for 30 years and holds dual Swedish and Moroccan nationality, is due to appear in court in Rabat on Friday accused of associating with terrorists.

The Swedish foreign ministry confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that it had been given official confirmation of the arrest.

It is understood that the court appearance will be a committal hearing.

The man’s family met representatives of the Moroccan authorities on Wednesday morning, who officially confirmed that the man was in custody, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

The 54-year-old man was arrested on the night of 25th December at his family home in the coastal town of Tetouan. It was initially unclear whether the man had been arrested or kidnapped.

The men who took him away were in plain clothes, and according to the family did not initially identify themselves as police. When they did, they claimed that the United States was behind the action.

Swedish diplomats will attend the hearing, the spokesperson said.