Man murdered in Stockholm mall

A man was stabbed and killed at a shopping centre in Tyresö south of Stockholm at lunch time on Thursday. A suspect has been arrested in connection with the murder.

The victim died from his injuries upon arrival at Stockholm South General Hospital.

A man arrested shortly after the incident is being held on suspicion of murder. Police have begun a forensic analysis at the scene of the crime.

A witness newspaper Dagens Nyheter spoke to said that a fight broke out after the two men were seen running out of a shoe shop. According to a the witness, the victim’s life could have been saved if security guards had called an ambulance earlier.

“The man said that he was in pain but nobody seemed to believe him. The security guards were focussed on what had happened before, inside the shop.

“A woman screamed that somebody should call an ambulance but the security guards told her she should calm down.

“It took another few minutes before somebody removed the man’s coat and saw that he was bleeding from his back. His sweater was covered in blood.

“It was only then that an ambulance was called, which arrived 15 to 20 minutes after the incident.

“If the security guards had acted faster and called the ambulance immediately they would probably have made it to the hospital. The whole thing was very disturbing,” said the witness.

It is not yet known what caused the incident or what relation the two men had to each other.