Stockholm student’s body found in England

A body found in northern England is believed by local police to be that of a Stockholm student who went missing from his home last October.

The body was found in woodland in Sheffield on New Year’s Eve, and police are now waiting for medical records to arrive from Sweden to confirm that it is that of the 21-year-old student.

Police had initially feared foul play, saying the man’s disappearance had been uncharacteristic. They now say there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the case.

The man went missing from the house he shared with other students on October 4th. His housemates initially thought he had gone away, but became worried when he did not return.

Major media appeals were made in the UK to discover his whereabouts, with his mother travelling to England from Stockholm to search for her son, but he never came forward.

Detective Chief Inspector Martyn Bates of South Yorkshire police said the body had been there for some time.

“The characteristics of the body would appear to make it that of the student,” he told The Local.

“The body was discovered by a man walking his dog. The body had probably lain undiscovered because the area had been covered by foliage from the trees,” he said.