Internet date ends in assault

A 26-year-old man in the university town of Lund in southern Sweden was robbed and seriously assaulted when an internet date turned out to be a trap.

The man had met a 23-year-old woman online and invited her back to his student flat on Thursday evening, Sydsvenska Dagbladet reports.

At one point the woman went out for a cigarette and asked to borrow the student’s keys.

But when the door reopened it was not the girl who entered but two well-built men.

The pair proceeded to beat the student with a baseball bat. When he attempted to escape the men shut the door and continued the brutal attack.

When they were finished they took the man’s camera, guitar and computer.

Before leaving they are said to have addressed the student in English: “If you call the police, we will kill you”.

Police have already identified the woman, while the men are described as being tall, muscular, and between the ages of 25 and 30.

There were severals witnesses to the assault.

According to Aftonbladet, the 26-year-old student suffered bruising and swelling but his injuries are not serious.