Swede appears in Morocco terror court

A Swedish citizen of Moroccan origin appeared in an anti-terror court in Morocco on Friday accused of participating in a recruitment network for foreign jihadis in Iraq, a judicial source said.

Ahmed Essafri, 54, was reportedly arrested on December 25th in northern Morocco on suspicion of being part of a 26-man “terrorist structure” which was recruiting volunteers to fight in Iraq.

The network allegedly had links with Al-Qaeda and affiliated Algerian and Moroccan terror groups.

Initial reports suggested that Essafri may have been kidnapped, but Moroccan authorities confirmed to Swedish diplomats earlier this week that he was in police custody.

The same anti-terror court also started a trial Friday of an ex-Guantanamo Bay prisoner who was handed over by the United States to Morocco.

Mohamed Ben Moujane was arrested in Afghanistan and accused of being a member of Al-Qaeda. Washington handed him to Morocco on October 11.