Dissatisfied customer took salesman hostage

A 28-year old man in the southern town of Linköping, who was dissatisfied with his new laptop computer, took brutal revenge on the man who had sold him the goods.

With the help of two friends he called round two the man’s apartment and took him hostage along with three of his companions. The victim described the events of December 5th last year as being “like a mafia film,” Corren reports.

The 28-year-old was charged on Thursday with a number of serious crimes.

After receiving the latest of a number of computer deliveries he is reported to have gone to the victim’s home with two friends.

One of the 28-year-old’s friends is said to have become aggressive and begun threatening the men with a knife.

“It was like in a mafia film when they run in and take people hostage. That was when the nightmare began,” said the victim when questioned by police.

For the next two hours the victim is said to have been exposed to psychological terror. The 28-year struck him on the head and threatened to burn him with cigarettes.

In return for the men’s safety the 28-year-old demanded 20 computers.

Expressen reports that the 28-year-old and his friends threatened the men with rape if they did not comply with the demands.

Before leaving the apartment the men bound the victim’s companions and ordered him not to untie them until twenty minutes had elapsed.

“If you call the police I will slit your throat,” one of the men is reported to have said.

Police were finally able to arrest the 28-year-old on December 31st. He is currently in police custody while awaiting trial. He has refused to answer any questions.

Police have not yet been able to arrest his two accomplices.