Foul-mouthed night porter angers television crew

Not everything is going according to plan in Åre, the northern Swedish town currently hosting the World Ski Championships.

Bad weather has already led to many delays, and the frayed nerves of Sweden’s national television team were put further to the test when a night porter at the four star Holiday Club hotel began singing lewd songs in the middle of Monday night.

In an bid to keep himself and the cleaners amused, the night porter bellowed out some bawdy tunes through the hotel’s intercom system. But he was not aware at first that his foul language could also be heard by all of the hotel’s paying guests.

“I don’t understand how this could have happened, especially since the guy was sober,” hotel manager Tomas Karlsson told newspaper Expressen.

The night porter launched into his musical repertoire at 4.30 a.m. Clutching a microphone in the lobby, his singing voice soon filled the hotel with a barrage of dirty words.

Thirty of the hotel rooms were occupied by staff from national broadcaster SVT.

“Some of the SVT people got so angry that they threatened to beat up the night porter if they set eyes on him again,” said Tomas Karlsson.

The hotel quickly paid out 40,000 kronor in compensation to the company that had paid in advance for the television crew’s stay.

Private guests who were disturbed by the night porter’s serenade have been offered a free stay at the hotel should they ever decide to return.

“As soon as he realised what he had done he was horrified and called me. He is completely crushed now,” said Karlsson.