Feminists get illegal state funding

Political party Feminist Initiative (FI) has received a state grant to which it is not entitled.

The state body charged with awarding grants to gender equality projects decided in January to give a total of 8.3 million kronor to 27 women’s organisations. One of the beneficiaries was FI, which received an ‘establishment grant’ worth 400,000 kronor, opinion website Friktion.se reports.

The rules governing the distribution of state grants to women’s organisations clearly state that political parties intending to stand for general election are not eligible.

“Grants may not be awarded to projects which are, or shall be, run by political parties or their women’s organisations,” according to official regulations.

Aware of this legal hindrance, the awarding body found a way to circumvent its own rules.

“Since the delegation cannot award grants to organisations that intend participating in general elections, the grant is conditional on FI not deciding to do so in 2007,” said the gender equality delegation in a statement.

Conveniently for FI, there are no elections in 2007.

“The delegation’s condition, that Feminist Initiative does not decide to participate in an election in 2007, is fully in line with what the board will propose at our congress in March,” said FI in a statement.

FI added that it intends spending the money on a “nationwide feminist education programme”.

Friktion notes that one of the delegation’s board members, Annica Holmberg, can be seen photographed on FI’s website participating in a debate with three FI members. She has also moderated a discussion organised by the party.