Swedes being held in Somalia

Swedish citizens are being held in jails in Somalia, accused of having fought for the deposed government of the Union of Islamic Courts.

The information of the Swedes’ capture has been circulating for some time, but was confirmed on Tuesday by Sweden’s ambassador in Nairobi, Jens Odlander, who is responsible for Swedish interests in Somalia.

“It has been a difficult job, but we have now found the Swedes who were arrested,” Odlander told Göteborgs-Posten.

“We are holding discussions which are rather sensitive. We have contact with the relevant authorities at both a high and low level,” he said.

Odlander would not say how many people were being held, saying only that there were “several” Swedish citizens involved. The prisoners have dual Swedish and Somalian citizenship.

“They are accused of being illegal combatants, but they have not been charged,” Odlander said.