‘Star reporter’ writes article about himself

"Expressen's former star reporter, Niclas Rislund, has been refused leave to appeal his case to the Supreme Court."

Dagens Media was first with Tuesday’s news that Niclas Rislund’s case will not be heard by the Supreme Court. The magazine covered the story in an article written by none other than Niclas Rislund himself.

Rislund was found guilty by the appeals court of passing himself off as a police officer on two separate occasions in connection with an investigation into the disappearance of kidnapped businessman Fabian Bengtsson.

“According to the appeals court, the Expressen reporter identified himself as a police officer in a phone conversation with London-based Norwegian police liaison officer Frank Sandsund and in a phone conversation with the motor rescue service in Kungälv,” wrote Rislund.

“Niclas Rislund gave his real name, which he does not share with anybody else, and his mobile number, which was registered with Expressen.

“Despite this, the appeals court came to the conclusion that he had wished to give the impression of being a police officer,” Rislund added.

While it is unusual for a journalist to be convicted in a Swedish court, it is unheard of in modern times for the reporter in question to write a news item about the case.

Dagens Media’s editor, Rolf van den Brink, explains that the magazine was about to go to press and they needed to get the story written as quickly as possible.

“Niclas was available. He was able to do the job quickly because he knew the issue,” he told news agency TT.