Insurance blow for transsexual driver

After undergoing a sex change operation, Carina Bladh from Linköping in central Sweden suddenly saw her car insurance costs skyrocket.

Bladh first became a woman at the end of last year. At around the same time, she also got herself a new Audi A6.

When the relevant papers came through from insurance company Folksam, Bladh had not yet received her new personal identification number. She required a new number since men are identified by odd numbers, while women are always assigned even numbers.

In the meantime the car was insured using her old, male identification number. In her pre-operation life, she had driven for 25 accident-free years, accumulating a generous no claims bonus into the bargain.

But when the same individual’s insurance was later re-registered under the new identification number, Carina Bladh’s annual premium was raised by over 1,200 kronor ($170).

“I think it’s disgusting. It’s clearly discrimination. There’s no logic to it,” Bladh told newspaper Linköpings Tidning.

A spokesman for Folksam offers the explanation that the company’s premiums are based on various customer groups, each of which are weighted differently.

“She has moved from one group to another. It’s like moving from Linköping to Täby, which would also mean a higher premium.

“In this case the effect has been negative. If she had been 25 the effect would have been positive,” Jan Samuelsson told Linköpings Tidning.

Although Samuelsson adds that he is willing to reevaluate the decision, Carina Bladh is considering taking her case to Sweden’s discrimination ombudsman.

“I think this is going to come back to bite them,” said Bladh.

Folksam announced in a statement on Thursday afternoon that it had taken another look at the case and decided to adjust Bladh’s premium back down to the previous level.