‘Swan woman’ returns to Stockholm

Stockholm's infamous swan woman has returned to action. On Tuesday morning a woman was spotted stuffing a swan into an IKEA bag. She then put the bird in her car and drove away.

A passerby, recalling the strange tale of the woman with eleven swans in her small apartment, quickly notified the authorities.

A police car soon took chase and asked the woman to pull over.

“According to the information I have received, it was the same woman,” police spokesman Björn Engström told Metro.

The woman told police that she had found the swan with fishing bait stuck to its leg and was taking the bird to the vet.

“It is not illegal to take an injured swan to the veterinarian. The mistake she made last time was taking the swans home and keeping them there for more than 48 hours,” said Engström.

At the end of January, the same woman’s neighbours reported strange smells coming from her apartment in the Kungsholmen district in the centre of the Swedish capital.

Police who went to investigate were surprised by what they found.

“When the officers entered the apartment they initially saw two swans. When they looked around they found eleven of them there,” police spokesman Björn Engström told The Local.

A number of the swans were found to be in poor physical condition and had to be put down.