Half-naked man attacks cars in Södertälje

Traffic in Södertälje town centre was seriously disrupted on Friday morning by a half-naked man who launched a number of attacks on moving vehicles.

Police finally managed to bring the man under control at 8.30am, an hour after they first began to receive reports of his activities in the eastern Swedish town.

“He ran around jumping on cars, even trying to get into some of them. He smashed the front windscreen of one car with his fist,” police spokesman Björn Engström told The Local.

Police have never previously encountered the man. Soon after his arrival at the police station, he was taken to hospital to be treated for a hand injury.

“It is a young man who seems to have something wrong with his head,” said Engström.

Naked from the waist up, the man made life difficult for a number of motorists before police arrived to take him out of harm’s way.

“He lay down in front of one car. He climbed on top of another and took a ride, before falling off and hurting himself when the car rounded a corner,” said Engström.

The man is not thought to have been under the influence of drugs and police do not yet have an explanation for his actions.