Bridge owners angry over sex position

An unusual trademark row has broken out after a Swedish magazine published an advert showing a sex position named after a famous Swedish-Danish landmark.

The advert for the Stockholm-based child clothes store Liten Butik contained 24 depictions of sex positions, one of which was the Öresund Bridge , named after the link between southern Sweden and Copenhagen.

But now the consortium that owns the bridge has objected to the ads, published in Mama magazine, saying they are an abuse of their trademark.

“Of course we don’t like having our trademark abused,” said the consortium’s communications manager Anna Holm, although she added that no action would be taken by the bridge company.

Liten Butik’s owner Andreas Carlsson said that the campaign was intended to encourage couples to sleep together more often, with the aim of producing more children to buy the company’s clothes. The advert had the strapline: “You make the customers, we’ll make the clothes.”

Speaking to Aftonbladet, Carlsson defended the ad, claiming that the sex position in question really did resemble the famous bridge.