Madeleine gets to be Queen for a week

In the normal run of things, she'll never be queen, but next week Princess Madeleine , 24, will get a taste of running the show as she takes over as Sweden's regent.

When her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, is out of the country, it is usually Crown Princess Victoria who takes his place as acting head of state. But next week, while the King and Queen visit Japan on a state visit, Victoria will be on a study visit to Turkey and the Middle East with the foreign ministry.

Madeleine’s elder brother, Prince Carl Philip , will also be unavailable for duty, as he is currently living in the United States, reports Expressen.

The government is informed when one of the royal children takes over the reins at the palace.

The princess is well-prepared to handle the job – she has studied short courses in law and ethnology. Her studies of History of Art could also come in useful if she is called upon to solve a crisis involving the royal art collection.

However, Madeleine is not expected to be encumbered by weighty matters of state during her week-long spell at the top. She will only be called to undertake duties in the event of an emergency.