Boy’s killer sentenced to psychiatric care

A 27-year-old man who in January stabbed eight-year-old Tobias Enroth to death in the village of Norrahammar has been convicted of murder and sentenced to psychiatric care by Jönköping District Court.

Enroth was murdered on his way home from school in Norrahammar in southern Sweden. The man convicted of the murder attacked the boy from and stabbed him around 40 times with a knife.

The defendant admitted to assaulting the boy but denied the charge of murder on the grounds that he had not intended to kill the victim.

The court however ruled that the man, though mentally unstable, was capable of intentionally committing a crime and that elements of his testimony may be viewed as a reconstruction devised after the event.

Witnesses have described the murder as mindless and frenzied. Many of the stab wounds inflicted on the boy were located on his throat and neck. He died shortly after the attack came to an end.

The 27-year-old was frightened off by passers-by who witnessed the attack. He left the scene of the crime and ran to his apartment a few hundred metres away.

Police made their way to the apartment, and ten minutes later the 27-year-old was arrested as he made his way back outside and was identified by a witness.