‘Kick UK out of Eurovision Song Contest’

Swedish pop artist Pandora has accused UK Eurovision hopefuls Scooch of stealing the chorus to her 1999 release 'No Regrets'.

Pandora has been in touch with the Swedish Musicians’ Union (Musikerförbundet) in a bid to have Scooch’s song ‘Flying the Flag (For You)’ disqualified from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

“She contacted me because she felt that this was an infringement of her copyright.

“Having listened to the two songs, I agreed with her that the choruses were pretty much identical,” Per Herrey, the union’s legal advisor, told The Local.

While Herrey does not think that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will go so far as to disqualify the song, he made contact with the governing body to express the union’s misgivings about the UK entry.

“I wrote to the EBU today with an official complaint and now they will consider what action to take.

“It is unlikely that they will disqualify the song as they would probably be afraid of being sued for a lot of money,” said Herrey.

Elin ‘Pandora’ Magnusson is hopeful that Scooch will be barred from performing at the final in Helsinki in May.

“Pandora has contacted her publisher, who in turn will probably contact the publisher of the UK entry. Then we will see where it goes from there,” said Per Herrey.

Does Pandora have a point? Listen and decide

Pandora – No Regrets

Scooch – Flying the Flag (For You)