Laughter draws complaints from irate Falkenbergers

Falkenberg council in western Sweden was forced to take action after it began receiving complaints about the excessive laughter emanating from the local theatre.

A team of health and safety inspectors was quickly sent out to monitor the variety performance that had sparked a level of hilarity considered unhealthy by a number of citizens.

The inspectors were able to note that, for a few short seconds, the volume inside the theatre exceeded the legal limit of 100 decibels. Uproarious laughter and generous applause from the audience were found to be the cause of the noise levels tha had caused offence.

Much to the relief of the organizers, however, the council has now decided that the volume was not sufficiently disruptive to demand official action.

“We can’t put on a more boring variety show just to bring the noise levels down,” producer Magnus Wernersson told newspaper Hallands Nyheter.

The variety show’s average noise level, including audience reaction, amounted to 94 decibels.