Four injured after hooligans clash

Violent fighting broke out in Stockholm and Solna on Saturday evening between rival sets of football fans.

At least four people were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries.

Almost 100 police officers were needed to keep the factions apart.

The fighting began early in the evening when around 100 fans each from AIK and Djurgården met at Rålambshovsparken for what appears to have been an orchestrated confrontation.

At that point police managed to nip the battle in the bud. A bus was brought in to remove around 50 supporters from the flashpoint.

But later in the evening the groups of hooligans clashed for a second time in Solna. This time the battle raged for some time before police were able to put a stop to the fighting.

By then at least four people were left needing treatment.

“One appears to be seriously injured,” said police spokesman Kurt-Erik Hansson.

By 1am calm had been restored. Again a bus was required to transport 24 supporters out of the area.

Three people were taken into custody for drunkenness but there were no arrests in connection with the actual fighting.