Booze confiscated from thirsty ‘fisherman’

Norwegian customs officers have been forced to confiscate copious quantities of alcohol from a 50-year-old Swede.

The man tried to explain that he was just “going fishing and needed something to moisten his throat”. But 1,794 litres of beer, 100 litres of wine and 205 litres of spirits were considered somewhat excessive for the purposes of throat-moistening.

In fact, customs manager Geir Olsen has indicated that the supposed fisherman’s collection of booze constituted the largest ever seizure made in the Gäddede border area.

Customs and police regard the coming Easter season as a potential boom period for smugglers intending to conduct business on the Norwegian side of the border.

In the last two weeks customs officers in Jämtland have confiscated 2,900 litres of beer. On Wednesday a number of smuggling attempts were prevented in Storlien ad Ådalsvollen.