‘Human meat’ for sale in central Stockholm

Visitors to Sergels Torg in Stockholm were greeted on Monday by the sight of naked human bodies, packaged like meat and covered in fake blood.

The spectacle was part of a campaign by Swedish group Charity International designed to encourage people to think more about their eating habits.

For just 49.90 kronor ($7), potential customers were invited to purchase some choice cuts of human meat.

While there was no major rush to buy any of the three people lying naked in packages labelled ‘meat’, the campaign did arouse plenty of curiosity.

“What the heck is that? Are those dead people?” several passers-by were heard to wonder.

It took a while before people realized that they were looking at a campaign to highlight the suffering of animals.

Using live humans, packaged like meat in a supermarket, Charity International hopes to get as many people as possible to boycott animal products.

“The cutlets and filelts on supermarket meat counters were once living individuals. A lot of people live under the illusion that life is good for animals. But that’s not the case.

“If you consume animal products, then you are torturing animals,” said Ludvig Lindström, chairman of Charity International.