Youngsters sell sex over the net

Ten percent of young people who visit youth centres in the Malmö area say they have either bought or sold sex over the internet.

A new study on prostitution in southern Sweden showed that of those respondents under 21, 23 percent said that they had been offered sex in return for payment, while 3 percent said that they had themselves offered to sell sex to others.

A relatively large number of youngsters said that they would give thought to buying or selling sex. Slightly under ten percent of under-21s said that they would consider giving or receiving money in return for sex.

The 429 youngsters who answered the survey, compiled by the prostitution unit at Malmö City Council, were questioned when visiting youth centres or the Malmö Sexual Health Centre.

The report also showed that more and more women from Malmö were selling sex over the net, targeting clients both in Sweden and in Copenhagen. Stricter prostitution laws introduced in 2001 in Sweden have led more Malmö women to start working in Copenhagen, it claimed.

The study also showed that 75 percent of all those engaged in prostitution were between 21 and 30, with the majority under 25. None claimed to be younger than 18. The average hourly price was 2,000 kronor, and most women (60 percent) stipulated that clients must wear condoms.