Hägglund: I believe in woman’s right to choose

Christian Democrat leader and Social Affairs Minister Göran Hägglund has defended his plans to let foreign women undergo abortions in Sweden.

Brushing off criticism from his own party, which traditionally favours a restrictive approach to abortion, he said that he had submitted a draft bill to the Council of Laws, a move which starts the legislative process.

The proposal will give women who are in Sweden temporarily the right to have an abortion at a Swedish hospital. The government is also to publish a national plan to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Several Christian Democrat members of parliament have warned that the proposal could lead to ‘abortion tourism’. They have openly criticized Hägglund for trying to push the proposal through. In February, two Christian leaders called for a boycott of the Alliance government.

Writing in Saturday’s Dagens Nyheter, Hägglund said that he believes that a woman should make her own decision.

“The alternative can be that a woman ends up undergoing an illegal and unsafe abortion in another country.” The proposal, he added, would lead to fewer abortions.