Strike threatens car inspections

Sweden’s leading white-collar union, Sif, has called for a strike and a blockade of all white-collar work at companies affiliated with employer organization Almega.

The conflict is set to affect around 5,000 Sif members in the service sector, including 1,500 from the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company (Svensk bilproving).

Unless a resolution is found, all vehicle inspection in Sweden will be suspended for the duration of the strike.

The conflict is about how the money available for wage increases will be distributed.

Sif’s collective bargaining delegation first recommended industrial action on Friday. The strike is expected to begin on May 23rd.

“Sif seem somewhat confused when they suddenly threaten a major strike surrounding an issue that they have already accepted in many other areas of the agreement,” said Almega’s Åsa Ramel in a statement.

Almega intends requesting the assistance of a mediator.