Gothenburg to host Europe’s largest hotel

Hotel Gothia Towers in Gothenburg is soon to become the biggest hotel in Europe. Plans for a third 28-storey tower will bring the total number of rooms in the hotel to 1,200.

The extension, expected to cost around 700 million kronor ($90 million), is to be financed by the Swedish Exhibition Centre, the company that owns and manages the hotel.

The company’s board recently gave the all-clear for the construction of an additional 500 rooms for the Gothia Towers complex,

“Our aim is to further strengthen the Swedish Exhibition Centre’s position as a top-class international venue – and to increase the impact made by Göteborg,” says Lennart Mankert, CEO of the Swedish Exhibition Centre, in a statement.

Although Gothia Towers is already the largest hotel in Scandinavia, Mankert notes that it is always fully booked whenever there is a major event in the city.

“There isn’t even enough hotel accommodation in Göteborg. And there are about 4,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of the Swedish Exhibition Centre. So we could do with a lot more,” he said.

When building is complete, the hotel’s size will exceed that of the Estrel Hotel Berlin, which has 1,125 rooms and is currently the largest hotel in Europe, excluding Russia.

If all goes according to plan, the new East Tower will be open for reservations in 2009.