Support for Social Democrats falls

Support for Sweden's opposition Social Democrats has fallen, according to a new poll, but the government parties are still lagging by more than ten percentage points.

The poll, taken by Sifo and published in Svenska Dagbladet, shows support for the Social Democrats down 3.4 percentage points to 40.7 percent.

The Social Democrats’ allies saw support rise, however. The Greens rose 1.5 points to 6.9 percent, while the Left Party rose 1.3 points to 5.6 percent. This leaves support for the opposition as a whole at 53.2 percent.

Three of the four governing parties also saw support rise. The Centre Party was up 1.5 points to 7.8 percent. The Moderates were up 0.8 to 25.1 percent. The Liberals were up 0.3 points to 5.7 percent. There was less good news for the Christian Democrats, who lost 0.9 percentage points, landing on 4.5 percent.

The governing parties together were supported by 43.1 percent of those surveyed. Of all the changes in support, only the fall for the Social Democrats was statistically significant.

Sifo interviewed 1,900 people between 7th and 15th May. Sweden elected the four-party Alliance for Sweden last September, the next general election will be held in 2010.