73-year-old Swede scares off bear with stones

A 73-year-old Swede fended off an attacking bear by pelting it with stones during a quiet Sunday stroll in the forest, local media reported.

“I noticed something moving (…) and once I realised what it was I thought this will be my last journey,” Tord Forsberg told the Norrbottens-Kuriren daily.

The bear, which Forsberg believes was an almost fully grown cub, turned around and left, only to return and then go away again. But the third time it made as if to attack, standing on its hind paws only five metres (yards) away.

“I was so scared that I grabbed a handful of stones and threw them at the bear’s muzzle,” Forsberg said. “It worked and the bear turned around and disappeared into the forest.”

The incident happened as Forsberg was walking his dog early on Sunday morning in Strandforssel in northern Sweden.

The unusual and frightening experience left Forsberg with only one regret – that he hadn’t brought a camera to document the episode.