Police issue warrant for arrest of armed robber

Police have put out a warrant for the arrest of a 30-year-old man suspected of involvement in a raid on a secure cash transport vehicle in Stockholm on Wednesday. Robbers opened opened fire on police during the raid.

The robbery was carried out as a guard returned to her vehicle in Täby, in northern Stockholm. The robbers made away in car, and were later seen by a witness changing into a green Volkswagen Passat in Roslags Näsby. They then drove towards central Solna, also in the north of Stockholm.

Police caught up with the car, whereupon the robbers fired shots at the police car. It is not known how many shots were fired. The getaway car was abandoned on Östervägen in Solna and the chase continued on foot.

The area was then sealed off by police as around thirty police patrols as well as helicopters and police dogs were called in to aid in the search.

Just before 6pm police entered an ‘interesting’ apartment on Östervägen only to find it empty. Police began allowing people to return to the area later in the evening.