Scan sheds 400 employees

Cutbacks at meat company Scan are to be accompanied by the loss of 400 jobs, or twelve percent of the company's entire workforce.

The firm’s Kävlinge plant is to be shut down in the third quarter of 2008. Earlier this year Scan closed its processing plant in Visby as well as parts of its Malmö and Helsingborg operations.

Scan AB’s Finnish parent company, HK Scan, announced on Thursday that the redundancies are expected to lead to annual savings of around 180 million kronor ($25.5 million).

Magnus Lagergren, CEO of Scan AB, could not say exactly which jobs are set to disappear.

“We have presented detailed plans to our union organizations. Step two involves discussions on individual cases, so I can’t give any information for the moment on where jobs are going to disappear. But the cutbacks will primarily affect production,” he told news agency TT.