Immigrants’ purchasing power increases

Purchasing power among immigrant groups in Skåne is continuing to increase, according to a new report from free market think tank Timbro.

While the purchasing power of people born outside the country remains lower than among native Swedes, it is growing at twice the rate.

The new study puts the total annual purchasing power of immigrants in the southern Swedish region at 30 billion kronor ($4.26 billion).

“The purpose of the study was to look at new ways of discussing integration and immigration in Skåne, where debate about these issues is often quite infected,” Timbro spokeswoman Yasemin Arhan told The Local.

She also noted that if companies are to realize the potential of immigrant groups, they may need to employ more people of different backgrounds. As an example, she mentioned that immigrant groups tend to spend more money on certain goods, such as shoes and foodstuffs, than native Swedes.

“We often hear companies saying: ‘they only want to buy the goods they sell in their own stores’. To which our answer is: ‘maybe you should start stocking those goods’,” said Arhan.