Swedish woman jailed for sex with boy

A Swedish woman has been sentenced to six months in jail for sexually abusing a child, Expressen has reported.

The woman, who is said to be a high profile company director, was travelling abroad six years ago when she met the boy and began a sexual relationship. He was twelve years old.

According to Expressen, the boy is the grandson of a minister in his country – which has not been revealed.

Both the director and the boy claim that they were in love, despite the fact that the woman was married with two children. The boy, who is now aged 18, later visited Sweden where, according to Expressen, he stayed with the woman and her family.

After apparently filing false information about the boy’s home circumstances, the woman arranged for him to stay in Sweden. She has since had a daughter by him.

The woman has admitted having a relationship with the boy all along, but said that she did not know that he was underage. An appeal against the sentence is expected.