Teacher stole from pupils

A teacher in Blekinge has been fired from her job and handed a suspended prison sentence after she was found to have swindled her pupils out of more than 100,000 kronor ($14,000).

Every month, pupils at the school in south-eastern Sweden gave their teacher money towards an impending foreign language trip. But when the trip was cancelled it soon emerged that the teacher had already spent the money, newspaper Sydöstran reports.

“I was out of sorts and spent the money to make me feel better,” she told police. New clothes and good food had accounted for most of cash, she explained.

An investigation revealed that the teacher had misappropriated funds from similar trips before but had managed to borrow from acquaintances and take out bank loans to cover her tracks.

On this occasion however she had no means of paying the money back and her number was up.

“I am so incredibly ashamed, she told police.

The school instead assumed responsibility for refunding the pupils and the teacher was removed from the payroll.