House prices continue to rise

Swedish house prices are continuing to rise, according to new statistics released on Friday.

The price of a detached house has risen by 5 percent in the past twelve months, and prices are expected to keep rising for the next three months, according to the figures from housing market statistics service Mäklarstatistik.

Apartments have risen in value by 25 percent over the past twelve months. The average price of an apartment in central Gothenburg is now 30,374 kronor per square metre, a rise of 16 percent over the past twelve months.

In central Malmö, the average price of an apartment has increased by 24 percent to 20,604 kronor per square metre.

“Prices have risen in most categories across the country. Only apartment prices in Norrbotten have fallen,” said Peeter Pütsep, CEO of estate agency Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, one of the co-owners of Mäklarstatistik.

Pütsep said that although prices were very high, he could not see any indications that the property market would cool down any time soon.

“That would take a major fall in share prices or a major event in the world,” he said.

“Continued relatively low interest rates, tax cuts and wage increases are strong fundamentals, which point to continued price rises.”

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