Bildt’s bodyguards stopped by airport security

Sweden's foreign minister was recently deprived of his bodyguards by security staff at Heathrow airport. Airport security took a dim view of the bodyguards' guns

Bildt's bodyguards stopped by airport security

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt had to travel home to Sweden unprotected on May 23rd after his bodyguards failed to make it through security at Heathrow Airport in London.

Writing in his blog, Bildt explains that he was on his way home from Washington DC. But “half of the group didn’t make the connection to Stockholm to Heathrow as a result of security checks there. That’s just the way the world is now.”

The bodyguards were forced to take a later flight back to Sweden after they were found to be carrying weapons, Metro reports.

The foreign ministry has prepared three confidential reports on the incident but is refusing to comment on the matter on the grounds that it “could disturb Sweden’s international relations.”